Where Can I Recycle and Compost?

The following is a general guide to recycling locations on campus for paper, glass/metal/plastic, cardboard, compostables.. If you can't find a recycling site, or you're not sure as to the closest site to your location, contact us. Also contact us for instructions for recycling materials not accepted at the public sites, or check the MATERIALS list.

Office and Academic Buildings
Recycling sites in office and academic buildings are located as follows:

Erb Memorial Union and Campus Food Service Composting locations
Recycling sites are located throughout the EMU. Cardboard collection on the loading docks. Most public sites for Paper and Glass/Metal/Plastic consist of highly visible, bright green steel receptacles located through the building. All food service areas and outlets have compostables receptacles.

Computer Labs
Computer labs have recycling sites for Paper.

Fraternity/Sorority Life
All Fraternity and Sorority Houses are privately owned and do not recieve university services. Contact 541-346-0961 for assistance in determining how to set-up recycling with a local waste hauler.

Lawrence Hall
Lawrence hall has public sites for White Paper, Mixed Paper, and Glass/Metal/Plastics throughout the building. All studios also have interior recycling sites for these same materials.

Residence Halls
Residence halls have centralized recycling sites for all materials. In these locations, glass, metals and plastics, drink boxes, and plastic bags are collected separately from each other. These sites are indicated on the recycling instructions included with the dorm recycling bins provided to each resident.

Off-Campus Housing
Off-campus housing areas have centralized outdoor recycling sites for all materials located next to the centralized garbage collection containers. In these locations, glass, metals, plastics, drink boxes, and plastic bags are collected separately from each other.

Off-Campus Offices
The UO Zero Waste Program does not provide recycling services to off-campus offices, as all services for these areas are contracted out, including custodial services, garbage collections, and recycling. The building managers for these areas will instruct occupants as to the recycling procedures and locations specific to each location.

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