The University of Oregon is proactive on encouraging alternatives to single passenger car transportation to and from the University. The University administration and the Associated Students of the University of Oregon, have joined together in partnership with Lane Transit District to purchase bus passes for the entire campus community. All staff and students are issued annual bus passes courtesy of the University. Additionally, the UO continues to maintain an active role with the local bus service to ensure accessibility to bus stations and routes.

Pollution Prevention for Auto Repair
and Fleet Maintenance
The fact sheets provide complete environmental, technical and economic evaluations of the top pollution prevention "fixes" for auto repair and fleet maintenance operations. You can also order our videos that feature these same P2 "fixes" at work in auto repair shops and fleet maintenance operations, and that include operator testimonials and case studies.

Vehicle Conversion

Vehicle Technologies Office: Plug-In Electric Vehicles and Batteries -

How Electric Cars Work -

Wikipedia - Electric vehicle conversion -



University of Oregon

Through the integration of long-term bicycle loans, education, and recreation, the BLP will enhance the physical and cultural development of students. As a resource for alternative transportation, we will minimize our campus and community environmental impact.

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