Surplus Furniture

The University of Oregon Campus Operations offers a program to provide surplus office furnishings to campus departments. It is located at 2020 Franklin Blvd - previously occupied by the Romania auto dealership.

If you have office furniture in good condition that you no longer need, contact the Campus OperationsCustomer Service Center at 346-2319 to request a pick-up. You will be billed for the labor time to transport the items. Contact the Campus Operations Central Support Supervisor at 346-2014, if you need a cost estimate prior to calling in a work request.

For any UO property needing disposal, whether broken or not, including electronics and any items bought with UO funds, go to this website and fill out a Property Disposition form. Once you have done that you will be contacted for a pick-up of that item. Property Control can be reached at 541-346-1250. For a Property Disposition Request form go to:

If you are a campus department or ASUO student group seeking used office furniture, you may visit the warehouse Monday through Friday, between 12:30 and 1:00 p.m. The warehouse is located on the west side of the building, off of Orchard Street. Parking is available; you will need to enter from Orchard Street off of Franklin Blvd. Items from Surplus Furniture is free of charge, however, there is a charge to move it to your location.

Supplementing the Surplus Furniture Warehouse program, is an on-line surplus exchange service for direct department-to-department exchange of useable items at:


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