Reuse Exchange

All of us would do well to remind ourselves that the 3 R’s of waste management are “Reduce – Reuse – Recycle” – in that order. At the UO Zero Waste Program, we work hard to ensure that reuse opportunities are fully explored before recycling (and after waste reduction).

Several reuse exchanges have proven very successful at the U of O. These include facilities for the exchange of office supplies, furniture, and other kinds of surplus equipment and materials. Not only does participation in these exchanges have a positive impact on the University’s waste stream – it saves money by allowing promoting the reuse of items which would otherwise have to be purchased. The UO Zero Waste Program tracks the replacement costs for items taken from these exchanges as a demonstration of the effectiveness of this kind of waste reduction and cost avoidance.

Reusable Office Supply Exchange (ROSE)

Surplus Furniture Exchange
Surplus Exchange Listserve

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