Housing Eco-Reps

In an effort to increase environmental awareness and participation among students, more colleges and universities are developing peer-to-peer outreach programs, often called “Eco-Reps.” These programs frequently focus on engaging students living on campus. Eco-Reps programs are organized often through a collaboration of several campus departments, such as Residence Life, Dining Services, Campus Recycling and Sustainability.

Eco-Reps programs offer students a chance to focus their interest in environmental stewardship directly in their campus community. Many programs provide training for Eco-Rep volunteers or employees on topics such as recycling, energy conservation, waste reduction and climate change. Eco-Reps are then empowered to develop and implement educational activities and programs among their fellow students.

Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) - http://www.aashe.org/resources/peer-peer-sustainability-outreach-campaigns
AASHE has a more complete list of Eco-Rep schools

Brandeis University, Student Eco-Reps- http://www.brandeis.edu/campussustainability/getinvolved/ecoreps.html

Dartmouth College - http://www.dartmouth.edu/~rwg/eco/index.html

Johns Hopkins University - http://sustainability.jhu.edu/join_the_network/students/ECO-Reps

Students for a Sustainable Stanford - http://glc.stanford.edu/

Tufts University - http://sustainability.tufts.edu/the-original-tufts-ecorep-program/

University of Vermont -http://www.uvm.edu/ecoreps/

University of Pennsylvania - https://www.sustainability.upenn.edu/get-involved/eco-reps

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