Hiring / Employment

The UO Zero Waste Program employs student recyclers performing service and administrative duties. Student recyclers do a variety of tasks including: warehouse functions, collection routes, education, zero waste events, administrative, Housing routes.

Individual students at the University of Oregon are prohibited from working more than 20 hours per week while attending school (although they can work up to 40 hours and beyond over breaks, including summer). the UO Zero Waste Program requires a minimum of 6 and hours per week for student employment.

Students must be enrolled for a minimum of 8 credit hours to be eligible to work in the UO Zero Waste Program. Students from any accredited community or 4 year institution are eligible for employment. Students with work study funding (part of financial aid package) are given preference in hiring. Students with no work study funding are still eligible to apply. Summer employment is offered by program seniority as staff is reduced in the summer.

Students are scheduled for any number of areas throughout the week: processing, van routes, monitoring, housing routes, outside collection routes, compost crew and maintenance. Some students are assigned as area coordinators for the EMU, walking routes and the architecture studios. Weekend routes are available for Housing routes, zero waste events and other projects as needed. The Program operates out of 3 separate locations and students will be required to show up at area designated on the schedule.

The Program also offers positions performing administrative, educational, zero waste events and other special project areas. For more information on program employment, email Recycling Operations Supervisor at: recycle@uoregon.edu

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