Save Energy While
Celebrating The Holidays

Celebrate the holidays by saving energy

Holiday lighting can significantly increase household energy bills.
Purchasing energy-efficient lighting and using it only six hours a night
are easy ways to save energy.

If you choose to use light strings to decorate your home, make sure you are
smart about energy use. You can buy new Light Emitting Diode (LED) string
lights that use only a small fraction of the energy required by popular

Mini-lights use 10 times more energy than the new LED lights. The larger
incandescent (C-7) lights use 100 times the energy of LED lights. This
means if a household uses 1000 LED lights for six hours a day, it will
cost only about 50 cents to light those decorations for a month. A string
of 1,000 mini-lights will cost almost $5 and the same number of larger
incandescent bulbs would cost almost $50 in energy use.

According to the Alliance to Save Energy, if you leave holiday lights
on for 24 hours, you will spend four times the money and use four
times the energy than if the lights are lit for six hours.

A good way to make sure holiday lights don't stay on too long is to put the
lights on a timer. Many people believe holiday lights don't use much
power, but the energy use really adds up through the holiday season.

If you have ideas that you think we should share or if you would like to
tell us what you are doing call us at 1-800-962-9731. Also, continue to
encourage family members, relatives, friends and neighbors to take the
challenge to reduce their electricity use!

Thanks so much for all you are doing.

Maura O'Neill, Director
Community Conservation Challenge

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