Eco Tips

This section is dedicated to the clever folks out there who find alternatives to wasteful and toxic behaviors. There are many choices each of us make in our daily lives. This section presents clever ideas on how to avoid the garbage can while reducing impact on our wallets and inspiring creativity. There are many great ideas here, if you have any for us to add, please contact us at:

Here is an idea for old worn out sweaters.
Now that temperatures are dropping faster than the leaves, its time to switch out our closets.
Soooo, as you pull out those old, favorite wool and cashmere sweaters,
if you see any that have holes in them, send them to these folks.

They do not want good sweaters - give those to homeless shelters or resale shops.
They just want your holey, damaged, shrunken sweaters.
They are going to recycle them into rugs, but don't want to take good sweaters away from people that need them.
Please send sweaters to: Wool Sweaters PO Box 2603 Glen Burnie, Maryland 21060-2603 United States

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