Education Ideas


This list is compiled from all previous educational idea's lists that. The list is organized by event/campaign and is in alphabetical order. Each event/campaign is BLUE FONT. Other events/campaigns are referenced in PINK FONT.



    Garbage/Dumpster Sort/Audit or Demo

    Food Waste Audit: Follow through with comparison to prior audits.

    Food ware Audit of foodservices. The goal is to try to get rid of disposables.


    Food Study of Cafeteria(s)

    Sustainable Office Audits


Campaigns/General Ideas:

    The Life of Stuff

    Don't Take Recycling for Granted

    Change the perception of recycling: get specific information out so people KNOW it's not just doing something that feels good; it saves resources, reduces greenhouse gasses, etc.

    Get Fraternities/Sororities to host the Haute Trash Fashion Show

    Buying Recycled Content Products

    Recycling is Patriotic: it is a part of protecting America! Include the flag, stats in the flier. Protect the USA-Recycle!

    Energy Reduction Tips for Students

    Give Away tools for a Better World: Tire Gauges, compost buckets, recycle mug, bike lights

    Neon Kills

    Anti-Trash Recycling

    Beyond Recycling: A Guide for Change Through Student Activism

    Campus Waste exchange

    Eco. Olympics: Can Display

    "Wait! Can that be Recycled?" Campaign

    Packaging Reduction Campaign

    Faculty Recycling Campaign

    Compost on Wheels

    Paper Use Reduction

    Ball of Foil

    Scavenger Hunt: Sustainability Across Campus. Have passport stamps at sites of importance

    Buy Recycled Game: This can involve displays as well as shopping games

    Eco-Pledge for Graduates

    Green Campus Manual

    Sustainability Summit/Events Zero Waste Summit

    America Recycles Day

    AFPA schools project; surveys

    Green Textbook Initiative

    Sustainability Hero Awards

    Interactive Computer Stations on Campus: these can be used to calculate eco-footprints as well as carbon emissions.

    Refuse RefUSE


Newspaper Commentary/Ads Ideas:

    Buying recycled- energy savings from recycling

    Protect the USA-Recycle; ads with US Flag

    Commentary on Global warming

    Create a Recycling Column

    Ad Sponsoring Places that Honor Refillables

    Coffee Discounts: Icon for offering discounts; Promote places with an ad in the local newspaper


Earth Day:

    Eco-Footprint Signs and quizzes


o      Refillables Campaign-give away

o      Global Warming campaign

o      Trash Audit

o      Recycle Jeopardy)

o      Give Aways (mugs, keychains, t-shirts, reusable bags)

o      Bike Station for Refilling Tires and Greasing Chains

o      Give Away Coupons for Bike Helmets and Lights

o      Costumes

o      Recycle Family: Guerilla Theatre


o      Trash Can signs

o      "The anatomy of a coffee cup" diagram

o      Refillable Mug signs for Coffee Shops

o      Bottle Bill Display: Create two piles of bottles and cans, one of deposit versus non-deposit

o      Coffee Discounts: Create an icon for offering discounts; promote places with an ad

    Petitions: Refillables, Bottle Bill Reform, Stop Global Warming-Recycle


o      Arrange in three sections: Knowledge, Awareness (issues) and Action

o      Set up screen with an on-going slide show, playing socially responsible music

o      Place signs on stakes around campus



    Set up booth during Earth Day that has computers calculating one's eco-footprint.

    Handouts & Posters of 5/10 things one can do to reduce his/her eco-footprint.

    Fact Sheets based on your university, focusing specifically on EMU consumption, reducing w4aste facts, and a brief on U.S. consumption.

    Run Newspaper Ads with trivia questions. If one emails in the correct answer s/he is entered in a raffle for a free mug/reusable bag.


Game/Competition/ Interactive Ideas:

    Recycle Jeopardy

    Sorting Game

    Stop Global Warming Game: Have people sort recycling and give prizes. While they are sorting give them factoids on how recycling helps reduce carbon emissions

    Inter-Dorm Competition

    Ad Competition/Talent Show: Use this to generate a pool of possible radio/TV/poster ads. Use the winning ads and possibly give prizes to winners.

    Conduct on the spot dorm room trash audits for prizes. Try to televise.

    Treasure Hunt: Create a green check list with passport stamps as various locations on campus

    Guess the Weight of the Aluminum Block/Guess the Number of Plastic Bags

    Paint a Picture in the Recycled Forest

    Get Caught Green Handed


Get Caught Green Handed:

    Green Tickets for Being "Caught" in the Act

    Treasure Hunt: Create a green check list with passport stamps as various locations on campus


Global Warming:

    Create a car out of recyclables to show correlation between energy savings and recycling


o      Renewable Energy Action

o      Expansion of the Bottle Bill

    Large display showing the effects of global warming and where energy comes from

    Knowledge Center Display: This should contain information on what individuals can do to stop global warming

    Have signs for people to walk around campus with factoids on their backs

    Emphasize that recycling saves energy/reduces green house gasses

    Portable Display: Beverage Containers & Global Warming

    Commentary on Global Warming

    Stop Global Warming Game

    Display: Global Warming Awareness:

o      Refillables

o      Buy Recycled Paper

o      Water Bottles

o      Reusable Shopping Bags

o      Compact Fluorescent

    Reduce Global Warming-Recycle!

    How Recycling Reduces Green House Gasses Calculators


Internship Ideas:

    Visual Media/Advertising/Marketing to help implement campaigns

    Use Environmental Studies club for Labor



    Weekly installment in Daily Emerald


    Recognizable Mascot/Ad Campaign/Slogan

    Raffles and Promotions (once a month)

o      Public Service Announcements

    New Costumes:

o      Refillable Mug & Water Bottle

o      Polar Bear ("Don't Kill Bears: Stop Global Warming!")

    Create a Newsletter

    Letter Writing Campaign on Bottle Bill

    MySpace Website

    Facebook Website

    MySpace Recyclemania Website

    Press Releases for All Campaigns


Networking Ideas:

    Partner with the Local City Government

    Develop a standardized PowerPoint presentation of landfill/recycling clips to have to present to groups.

    America Recycles Day

    Class raps


Public Service Announcements/Radio Ads:

    Bottled H2O


    Reusable Bags

    Compact Fluorescents Light Bulbs


Questions to Answer:

    Can we receive sponsorship, in the form of airtime, from radio/TV stations?

    How do we affect people to get into the recycling habit? More importantly how do we get people to really believe and know the benefits of recycling?


Recycle Mania:

    Basic Recycling:

o      Paper Dive

o      Display Ideas for Paper

o      Anatomy of a Product

o      Movie Circuit of Inconvenient Truth Showing

o      Trash Audit

o      "Wait! Is that Recyclable?" Campaign

o      Design a Logo/Slogan Contest

o      Posters: 'Interviews' with Dorm Leaders on Recycling

o      Info Posters: Series of posters with energy and recycling facts on it. Energy Savings (1 gallon of Gas = 11 lbs of CO2)

o      Food Waste Audit

o      Workshops:

        Binder Decorating

        Paper Making

    Reuse and Refill:

o      Mug Give Away

o      A reusable bag for an idea

o      Reusable Mug Discount Advertising

    PROMOTION (2003):

o      Find out about Resident Hall Activities/Functions

o      Collaborate Promotional Events

o      Create Attractive, Competitive Slogan

o      Kitchen Presentations on Recycling Competition

o      Door Hangers

o      Table Tents, Posters, Flyers

o      Web site as source of communication

o      Post information on community "Calendar of Events"

o      Involve Students and Student Organizations

o      Use/Create a Mascot or Logo or Costumed Mascot

o      Combine efforts with other student groups/departments

o      Email List Serve


o      Resident Hall Directors/Representatives/Leaders

o      Volunteer Recycling Hall Coordinators

o      Student Government

o      Kitchen Staff

o      Coordinate regular meetings with all parties involved


Reduce, Reuse, Refill:

    Coffee Discounts: Icon for offering discounts; promote places with an ad

    Coffee Discounts at Local Vendors-Survey on where folks get refillable discounts

    Disposable Cup Pile for Demos

    "The Anatomy of a Coffee Cup" Diagram

    Refillable Mug signs for Coffee Shops

    Place Ad in Paper about Places that Honor Refillables


Residence Halls:

    Reusable Promotion

    ROSE (Reusable Office Supply Exchange) Promotion


    Move Outs


    Paper Making

    Removing Name from Junk Mail List

    Think Before you Drink

    Pack it in-Pack it OUT!

    Housing Dumpster Audit

    Custodians-Lights off Through Shifts

    Food Waste Audit: Follow through with comparison to prior audits



    Sustainable Purchasing Forum: Office supplies, Paper Purchasing

    Stadium Waste Management



    Why do you recycle? We want to know what motivates you to recycle.

    Sustainability Practices and Attitudes

    Survey on Where Folks Get Refillable Discounts


Think Before You Drink (No more Bottled Water!)

    Refilling stations

    No Water Bottles at Catering-Only Pitchers

    H20 Taste Test



    Water Bottle Trivia Game

    Place Ad in Newspaper about Places that Honor Refillables

    Refill Single-Use Water Bottles with Dirty Water (Image of Unclean Bottled Water)

    Alternate Labels for Bottled Water: These would be based on facts about bottled water.

    Order Water Bottles for Giveaways with Slogans


Web Text Ideas:

    Food Waste Audits

    Napkin Audits

    Junk Mail Campaigns

    Family Housing Yard Sales & Donation Drives


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