Contracts play an important role in campus waste management. Contracts are used to secure markets for recyclable materials and also vendor services. The UO Zero Waste Program has several different contracts for various purposes including the foundation of the Program. We are working hard to include waste reduction in all construction contracts, vendor and services contracts.


In the UO campus vending contract there are 2 pieces of contract language that have created support for the UO Zero Waste Program. Under the General Information section: "support the campus environmental and recycling efforts" is included as part of the specs of the contract. Under scope of services required it states: Payment of Utilities and Recycling Services: Contractor will reimburse the UO Zero Waste Program Services for the expenses incurred to provide appropriate recycling containers at the vending sites at the rate of $xxx /month for recycling collection and $xxxx/year for bin purchase and maintenance payable on Sept. 1 annually. The contract gets renewed every 3-5 years and the charge is re-evaluated at that point.

Soft drink vending contracts - tool kit
The National Recycling Coalition and its College and University Recycling Council have released a tool kit for schools with upcoming soft drink vending contracts. Campus purchasing officials, recycling coordinators, student groups, and prospective vendors can all benefit from the information the tool kit contains.
The seven page document is designed to help maximize the level of recycling associated with soft drink vending while promoting vendors' assistance in recycling and waste reduction. The tool kit includes sample bid language, options to address recycling and waste reduction concerns, a cost analysis of converting vending machines from aluminum cans to plastic bottles, and a case studies from nine schools around the country.


The University of Oregon has a contract for office supply purchasing. Over the years, vendors have made voluntary changes to:

The UO Zero Waste Program has a contract for collection of campus cardboard at over 70 building locations. The contract includes general terms and conditions for the UO contracts (not included here).

Here are the general specs that are used for the UO campus cardboard contract. These typically are a 3 year contract with the option of year extensions up to 5 years total.

**Of note: several universities handle their own cardboard collection and pay workers to bale material. At times this can seem lucrative as the cardboard prices have been high. We have evaluated this and determined that the costs and liability of running our own operation do not balance out with the contracting operation.

Contractor shall:

1. Provide drop bins that are aesthetically pleasing, heavy strength, and contain good signs indicating "Cardboard Recycling". These bins must be placed, per fire code, five (5) feet from buildings if metal, and no closer than 10 feet if wooden. These will be provided at no cost to the University, and be maintained in good working order and condition by the Contractor. Drop bins will be monitored and kept trash free by the Contractor, disposing of the trash properly.

2. Depending on the size of the bin, frequency of service, and volume generated, more than one drop bin may be necessary at a site.

3. Any requests for a drop bin other than ones that the Contractor provides will be billed to the requester, not the University. Requester will set up this service on their own and make arrangements for pickup and billing.

4. Attached to this contract is a copy of the revised schedule of pickups and locations. This schedule will be agreed upon pursuant to date and signature of this contract. Revisions at the agreement of both parties can be made at any time and will be made a part of the contract pursuant to date and signature of each party.

5. Provide four (4) extra drop bins for use by the University at sites left to the discretion of the University. The University will reserve the right to request additional pickups at any time due to overflow or special events during the contract year, which will be identified and communicated by the University. These will be provided at no cost to the University.

6. During the football seasons (October-November), there will be an additional weekly pickup of the four(4) locations at Autzen Stadium, commencing on the Monday following the scheduled home game. University will supply the schedule of home games. Additional drop bins will be required during the football season.

7. During the first two weeks of school, five(5) areas (Carson, Hamilton, Walton, Bean, and University Inn) will be serviced twice daily, including one full weekend pickup twice daily. University will provide calendar of dates.

8. The Contractor agrees to notify the University within twenty-four (24) hours of any anticipated interruption of services.

9. The Contractor shall provide the University with monthly tonnage reports, and reports on the daily street delivered price for cardboard at their dock. These reports shall be forwarded to the Recycling Department of the University as soon as available the following month.

10. Supply the University with the names and phone numbers of contact persons in dispatch and operations.

The University shall:

1. Continue educating the campus community as to recycling procedures. This includes proper use of drop bins and flattening cardboard before disposal. The Contractor will inform the University of any excessive or continuing abuse of the request to flatten cardboard, but this does not relieve the Contractor of their obligation to pickup cardboard or insure signage requirements are met.

2. Have the option of adding or deleting pickup locations when quantities warrant such action.

3. Inspect bin area periodically and audit performance of the Contractor on a random basis. The highest volume areas will receive the most attention.

4. Supply the Contractor with names and phone numbers of contact persons at the University.

The main contact will be Recycling Manager at 346-1545. Environmental Issues Committee University of Oregon Facilities Services Feedback

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