Climate Change

Climate change is the biggest threat to our world as we know it. Though it has become a controversial issue, there is no refuting that climate is drastically changing as demonstrated by hundreds of years of climate tracking. Increased flooding, erratic weather, stronger and more frequent hurricanes and tornadoes are becoming more common in world weather patterns.

Whether you agree with the science on climate change, reducing your impact, preserving resources and reducing overall pollution is better for the wallet and for the health of the planet and the people.

Recycling is one easy and important practice that can reduce the production of greenhouse gasses. As greenhouse gasses are produced heavily from energy use and manufacturing, buying what you need and will use is one important step to save money and reduce the demand for production of items that produce pollution through the manufacturing process. According to the EPA, when something is land filled, it creates methane which is 23X more powerful than CO2. Recycling saves energy, reduces pollution and preserves our precious resources.

Colleges and Universities are embracing carbon neutrality and students are playing an important role in this issue on their campuses. There are many ways to get involved and to raise student's awareness. See some of the links we have listed for more information on how students and individuals can get involved-there's opportunities for everyone.




Take the Clinton Foundation Climate Change Quiz
Test your knowledge about climate change and $2 will be donated on your behalf toward purchasing solar flashlights to those living in camps in Haiti. If 100,000 people take this quiz, we can deliver 20,000 energy-saving flashlights!

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