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If you are interested in applying for a student position with the UO Zero Waste Program, go to the student employment application page to see if the program is hiring. Search Campus Operations, category would be Recycling. Open positions are posted on that website when the program is hiring. Typically applications are accepted for positions starting Fall term, starting August 1st. You are also welcome to email Zero Waste Operations Manager, at: recycle@uoregon.edu to find out when jobs will be posted. Applications are not accepted unless there is a posting for hiring of new positions.

Read this first - **IMPORTANT**

Zero Waste services at the U of O are provided to the campus community with a 100% student-staffed zero waste service crew. We are proud of this ability to perform such a basic, year-round service with all student labor, and to provide the University with so many student employment opportunities. We typically employ 60+ Student Recyclers each school year to perform materials collection and processing tasks. We also utilize additional student resources to assist us in educational efforts; to provide administrative and technical expertise; and to take on special projects, help with website design, and perform maintenance tasks.

Student positions are operations oriented. The Zero Waste Crew collect, sort, and transport materials; drive large step vans; and maintain program collection sites. Applicants must be in good physical condition and have good driving records. Having a good work ethic and attitude are also essential for working at the UO Zero Waste Program.

Students are scheduled to work between 7:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Occasional weekend work is also available. Students are required to work all finals weeks. Optional work is also available over breaks and summers

Applicants with work-study funding are given preference in hiring. Those without such funding will be given consideration if hiring needs are not met with funded applicants. Those unable to secure employment with the Program should also consider volunteering or setting up an academic internship.

To pursue employment with the UO Zero Waste Program, contact the Operations Supervisor at:

To find out more about academic credit or internships, contact the Program Manager at:


More and more University academic programs are requiring or encouraging students to complete internships or applied/practicum credits. Many classes encourage students to do projects with the UO Zero Waste Program for part of their course grade. Additionally, independent study credit in PPPM and Environmental Studies is available for students to do projects with the program. Student internships are available as there is a long list of projects available for internships for academic credit.

For more information on potential projects and credits, contact the Program Manager at:

Following is a sample list of projects and internships available through the Program:
•  Performing waste audits
•  Planning Earthweek events
•  Staffing promotional tables
•  Creating displays and educational events
•  Creating brochures
•  Conducting paper making and reuse demonstrations
•  Generating website topics
•  Participating in a resource conservation campaign
•  Participating a “buy recycled” campaign
•  Researching uses for recycled paper
•  Researching grants and funding
•  Creating proposals for waste reduction projects, such as in-room bins for all residence hall students
•  Coordinating a yard sale for residence halls
•  The possibilities are endless


Volunteers are a great asset to the Program – we couldn't provide many of our services without them. Volunteer opportunities abound at the UO Zero Waste Program. For more information, email us at: knowaste@uoregon.edu .

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