Awards and Kudos

The University of Oregon Campus Zero Waste Program has won several awards over the years. Applying for these awards is often a lot of work and can be highly competitive. But, gaining this recognition is good PR for the institution and also gives credibility to all of the recycling efforts.

Winning awards has played an important role in the success of the University of Oregon's Campus Zero Waste Program. There are many awards out there: UO Environmental Citizen Award, State Recycling Associations, City, County, State, National Recycling Organizations, the EPA, American Forest and Paper. This short list represents only a small section of awards that are pertinent to recycling programs. Award winning programs become the pride of a University. They create an opportunity for positive program PR, news stories and also give ownership to the program participants. Plus, it gives the program staff a pat on the back for all of their hard work and energy.

University of Oregon Campus Zero Waste Program, Awards

1991 Association of Oregon Recyclers Recycling Education Program of the Year
1993 State of Oregon Recycler of the Year
1995 Oregon Disabilities Commission Meritous Service Award
1996 State of Oregon Recycler of the Year Waste Prevention
1996 Association of Oregon Recyclers Alice Soderwall Reuse Award
1997 National Recycling Coalition Outstanding School Recycling Program
1998 Sustainable Business Symposium, honorable mention
1999 Sustainable Business Symposium Special Recognition Award

2001 State of the Campus Environment:, A National Report Card on Environmental Performance and Sustainability in Higher Education, the UO has been noted as a leading school

2002 National Recycling Coalition Recycler of the Year Innovative Recycling Process for zerowaste events
2002 Lane County, Oregon Trashbuster Awards
2004 AOR Waste Partnership Award
2004 National Recycling Coalition, Recyclemaniacs Award, Outstanding Innovation
2005 EPA's Wastewise Partner of the Year Award
2006 AF&PA Recycling Award Read the news article HERE
2006 Association of Oregon Recyclers Educator of the Year
2008 National Wildlife Federation Chill Out Honorable Mention
2010 PROP Film Fest 1st place, Stop Global Warming-Recycle
2010 EPA Video Competition 2nd place Stop Global Warming-Recycle


   Another kudo for the Campus Zero Waste Program has been attaining donations. Every once in a while funding comes from outside sources. Private donors have donated 1/2 of our outside collection containers, a trailer for hauling materials and worm composting bins for all of the child care centers. Grants are available from private or public sectors and there are many sources such as EPA, both local and nationally. Forming partnerships with the City or County can be the way to go. Often government grants are not available to colleges but are available to municipalities. We have partnered with the city, who wrote a grant on recycling containers. As a result, we got some containers out of the grant without having to do any of the footwork on this. Grant funding is administratively burdensome, comes with specific strings attached, and not usually ongoing. But, often students can do this as part of an internship or class project. Also grant writers can be hired.

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