University Policies

   The University of Oregon has been proactive in developing policies that encourage waste reduction, recycling and general environmental stewardship. Policy implementation involves notification and follow-through, but ultimately it takes education and making conservation the practice not the exception. Implementing policies where people have to take action to change, makes it difficult. When making policies, make sure to give folks the tools they need to make the policies successful.


The UO Comprehensive Environmental Policy was created from work by the Campus Environmental Issues Committee. The committee recommended an Campus Environmental Audit which the Administration commissioned. One of the recommendations of the audit was to create a formal campus environmental policy. The administration followed through on this and the following year commissioned a group of planning students, to create a formal policy. The policy went through the policy making channels and was accepted in June 1998. As a result of this policy, the Campus Planning Committee created the campus Sustainable Development Guidelines (which is in the draft form and after approval, will be implemented into all campus remodels, operations and new construction as well as the campus long range plan).

UO Sustainable Development Guidelines The UO Campus Planning Committee is in the process of implementing Sustainable Development Guidelines for the long range plan for the University of Oregon campus. This policy is comprehensive and takes the Campus Environmental Policy to a level of implementation.

UO Recycled Paper Policy

The Campus Environmental Issues Committee created a Recycled Paper Policy prior to the recommendation for the comprehensive policy. This was tabled until the Comprehensive policy was created and then was entered as a sub-policy.

UO Confidential Materials Policy

The UO recycles confidential materials through a confidential materials collection and recycling contract. Shredding is not necessary through this contract procedure. Click on link for more information.

Wood Purchasing Policy:
In the belief that long-term sustainability is essential to the well-being of the University of Oregon, the state of Oregon, and beyond, all campus projects are encouraged to purchase and use certified sustainably harvested wood products whenever possible.

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