Material Tracking
   Keeping material tracking records is a laborious process but worth it's weight in gold. By viewing the waste stream and tracking recyclables, the Program can see what the trends are, how to make things more efficient and note waste reduction. This all is relevant to the success of the program. Making these quantitative analyses provide another avenue for legitimacy and life cost accounting. It is important also to track the recovery rate and work towards demonstrating a qualitative view of the waste stream including waste reduction. Originally, this was done to meet Oregon State goals, but has provided endless value beyond just reporting. This record has been useful in presentations for increased funding as well as validating existing funding.

   The tracking system at the University of Oregon is managed and maintained by the Student Recycling Coordinator. Receipts from all waste are collected and entered. Though these receipts are generated from many sources, since this has been in place, people have been good about following through and sending us this information. At this point, the Student Recycling Coordinator doesn't have to track much of this information down to get it for the report, it automatically gets sent. Besides the paper receipts (which are generated from Recycling), many materials are tracked, including the waste. These are done quarterly and annually based upon a fiscal year. The final year end report is sent to all parties from the Recycling Program Agreement, the Business Manager at Facilities, the State Recycling Manager and to any other interested parties.

   Beyond the spreadsheet documents, the UO Zero Waste Program takes the information and has turned it into comparison charts and cost savings . Additionally, the charts help the Program Manager view trends so the Program can plan ahead. These figures have been useful in opening up the discussion of precycling and addressing purchasing issues before the waste is generated on campus.

   The College and University Recycling Council of the National Recycling Coalition also has created a reporting standards sheet that allows colleges to compare their data while standardizing this process to facilitate tracking for all campuses.

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