UO Zero Waste Program
Satellite Services Employee Manual
EMU, Lawrence, Walking B/C's, Bike Route

Satellite Services Purpose and Goals
The UO Zero Waste Program Satellite Services routes were established to service isolated and/or high-volume recycling sites, including:

The goal of these routes is to meet the special needs of these Campus areas in a timely fashion; and to do so in a manner representing an efficient and eco-friendly use of financial, human and natural resources. The successful implementation of these routes has saved the Program and the University labor costs, motor vehicle maintenance, and fossil fuel consumption, while providing the specialized recycling services required to meet the demands of these areas.

These savings have been achieved through a combination of careful planning and the dedication of the student recyclers assigned to these routes. We are committed to the continued success and future expansion of the routes. We ask that our student recyclers contribute to this success through: 1.) a commitment to the goals of these services; 2.) an acceptance of the responsibilities inherent in them; and 3.) a willingness to evaluate the routes for potential improvements and to communicate those ideas to the Student Recycling Coordinator. And, of course, a willingness to work hard and in a highly professional manner is crucial.

The following material is intended convey the Program's expectations of all employees working these routes. Failure to meet these expectations, or disregard for the policies enumerated, are grounds for disciplinary action ranging from removal from the routes to termination of employment with the UO Zero Waste Program.

Occasionally an employee assigned to the satellite routes finds that s/he prefers working with other employees on a Van, Paper or Housing route, or in the Warehouse. If at any time they feel that assignment to these routes is not for them, we work with them. We want them to be motivated and to get satisfaction out of their jobs; and we work to ensure that they're not placed in a situation to which they're not well-suited.

Training for and assignment to these routes is reserved for only our top employees -- those experienced student recyclers who have shown initiative, an excellent work ethic, trustworthiness, resourcefulness, and a demonstrated ability to follow through on tasks and expectations in an unsupervised setting. As such, we expect that they understand the importance of a continued demonstration of these traits.

We specifically ask that they observe the following as part of their route assignments:

  1. Work efficiently and steadily.
  2. Begin all routes with a "check-in" and end it with a "check-out" with a Coordinator. Bike route personnel should do so in person. EMU, Lawrence and Walking B/C's personnel are required to call the Student Recycling Coordinator (leave a message if s/he is out).
  3. Take a 20-minute rest break at the mid point of the shift somewhere on route. Don't "save" breaks for the purpose of leaving the shift early, and don't journey off-route to take breaks.
  4. If finished with the route early, contact a Coordinator. S/he may have additional duties. If s/he is unavailable, return to the Trailer. Don't "stretch" the route to fill the time allotted.
  5. Communicate, communicate, communicate. Report all problems with the route, sites, equipment, and personal health and well-being to the Student Recycling Coordinator -- upon return to the Trailer, or immediately via pager or telephone, as the situation warrants. Similarly, share suggestions for improvements to or expansion of the route with a Coordinator.
  6. Minimize interactions with and interruptions by friends or acquaintances encountered while on the route. Take control of these encounters, manage these situations professionally and keep on task.
  7. Follow all safety policies (see below). Communicate all safety concerns and injuries to a Coordinator.
  8. Keep the equipment in good working condition (see below) and report problems or suggestions for improvements to the Student Recycling Coordinator.
  9. When seeking substitute workers for satellite work shifts, remember to arrange for substitutes who are trained in that particular satellite area.


General Employment Training
I ______________________________ hereby acknowledge that I have read the "UO Zero Waste Program Satellite Services Employee Manual," and that I understand and accept the Program's expectations for employment in these positions. I further understand that failure to meet these expectations and follow these polices may constitute grounds for my dismissal from the Satellite Services crew and/or termination of my employment with the UO Zero Waste Program.

Job-Specific Training
In addition to the general Satellite Services training, I have also been trained in the following specific Satellite Services job duties and responsibilities:

Satellite Area Training Date Trainer Employee Signature
EMU __________________ __________________ __________________
Lawrence __________________ __________________ __________________
Walking B/C's __________________ __________________ __________________
Bike Route __________________ __________________ __________________

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