Operational Structure and Facilities

The UO Zero Waste Program is an organizational arm of the Campus Operations Department. It is managed by a Program Manager who oversees an Operations Supervisor, 4 full-time Recycling Coordinators, 50 part-time student employees, and occasional temporary special project assistants. All operations are carried out with student labor a relatively unique operational situation of which the Program is particularly proud.


Primary operations include: regular recycling services; compostables collection: special events recycling; ongoing educational and promotional activities; and grassroots environmental efforts. Permanent recycling facilities include a central receiving and processing warehouse, an administrative center, a modern operational outbuilding and a crew office located in the University's Erb Memorial Student Union. Additional staging areas are sited in several areas on campus (generally loading docks).

The full-time staff jobs and responsibilities are delineated on the folowing page - Hiring / Employment

(For more information see the about us section)

The Program's organizational structure is based upon a matrix of 2 primary operational distinctions: campus service area and recyclable material type.

Service areas are split between office and academic buildings, and University Housing areas. Although operational procedures are relatively constant between the 2 service area types, important differences derive from the uniqueness of servicing University residential areas. These differences dictate variations on the basic Program procedures as applied to each area type.

Recyclable material type dictates the second operational distinction. Materials are operationally distinguished by the 3 major categories of material collected at the University: paper, glass/metal/plastic, and compostables. Although numerous other types of materials are regularly collected, their collection and processing do not create a primary operational distinction.

Over 2000 recycling collection sites are maintained on the University of Oregon Campus for the collection of: paper, glass/metal/plastic, compost, cardboard, sheet plastic, kitchen recyclables, digital storage media, and Styrofoam.

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