Architecture Studios
Architecture and Allied Arts students and staff generate a high volume of materials, as well as many unique materials in addition to paper, bottles and cans, and cardboard. To help mange this material, a team of students are dedicated to managing the recycling in Lawrence Hall and those rooms in Pacific Hall allocated to AAA.

Additionally, each of the 30 AAA studios has a recycling site. Given the limited access of these areas to the recycling service crews, all studios are responsible for centralizing their recyclables from their studios to public sites. The Hearth Cafe also has a recycling collection site for the kitchen recyclables it generates.

We ask that the users of these areas note the following when recycling:

  • Students are responsible for emptying their individual recycling boxes.
  • Sharps should be disposed of in the small, red plastic boxes designated for such items. Disposing of sharps in other containers is very hazardous.
  • Foam core material is NOT RECYCLABLE! Dispose of this material in the trash.
  • Corrugated cardboard must go in the corrugated cardboard bins. It cannot be recycled with low grade paper.
  • Be responsible! Clean up your area at the end of each term.


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