Hemp Alternatives

Hemp is becoming more and more of a good alternative to many different resources such as trees, fossil fuels and cotton. There are many hemp items available on the consumer market and through time, these items are evolving as preferred alternatives to common materials. Hemp in paper and for use as fabric are just some of the products that are making it to the marketplace. Hemp, a renewable resource, is a fast growing plant that has been used through the ages in production of rope and paper. Hemp, though in the cannabis family, is an entirely different plant then marijuana and has notable industrial qualities and does not possess THC. Hemp is also being used for oil to replace fossil fuels and for construction materials. The possibilities are endless. This section is dedicated to educating folks about industrial uses of hemp and the possibilities this plant holds for a sustainable economy.

Monterey Bay Spice Company Hemp Recourse page - http://www.herbco.com/t-Herb-Resources.aspx
Hemp is a variation of the Cannabis sativa plant - a natural fiber product that is used for many industrial purposes over thousands of years. Not only does hemp provide manufacturers with alternatives to less environmentally-friendly products, hemp can used in food, jewelry, clothing, fuels, among many other goods.

Their mission is to form and establish relationships between academia, farmers, agribusiness, manufactures, government, public interest groups, and marketing firms with emphasis on land management, economic and environmental considerations.

The Hemp Industries Association (HIA) - http://www.thehia.org/
At the forefront of the drive for fair and equal treatment of Industrial Hemp and the instigation of a level playing field on which to compete with other natural resources and synthetics. The HIA seeks changes in government policies to encourage global production of Hemp as a raw material for industry. ..

The Hemp Car - http://www.hempcar.org/
An alternative-fuel project car that utilizes hemp biodiesel for fuel. Industrial hemp would be an economical fuel if hemp were legal to cultivate in the United States. Industrial hemp has no psychoactive properties and is not a drug. Hemp Car demonstrates the concept of hemp fuels on a national level and promotes the reformation of current law.

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