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F. S. Sustainability Team Introduces Newsletter
The Facilities Services Sustainability Team would like to introduce the Campus Operations Growing Sustainability newsletter. This forum will be used to keep F.S. employees and others around campus apprised of the many sustainability efforts, projects, and campaigns undertaken over the next few years; as well as to alert the campus community to important campus and nation-wide events and activities.

Feedback, Please The Sustainability Work Group needs your help. Keep us informed of your thoughts, ideas, and feedback as you read these newsletters. And feel free to send in ideas for stories. Forward all comments to:

Introducing the F.S. Sustainability Work Group
The following F.S. employees have generously agreed to membership on the Sustainability Work Group. In addition to taking time from their busy work schedules, these individuals are applying knowledge, employing creativity, and drawing upon expertise in an effort to formulate, plan, and implement sustainability projects at the University and in Campus Operations:

Team members include:
Bill Kasper – Chair, F.S. Purchasing
Karyn Kaplan – UO Zero Waste Program
Christine Thompson – University Planning
Jeff Madsen – Central Power Station
Kay Coots – Environmental Health & Safety
Linda Miller – Custodial Services
Vince Babkirk – Campus & Grounds
Ernie Svensson – Maintenance

The team would also like to thank George Hecht and Frances Dyke for their direction and leadership in these efforts to make the University a model of sustainability.

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